Trade Representative

Based on the growing import-export activities between two countries Australia and Vietnam as well as a strong need for a trust-worthy trade representative in the local countries, VA Trade Promotion is delighted to announce that we also provide a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Finding potential import-export partners.
  • Consulting service regarding how to enter Vietnamese market
  • Consulting service how to open a representative office in Vietnam.
  • Legal Trade Representative that acts on behalf of your companies.


We widen, we expand, we spread your business through the border. We are a dynamic, generic, well educated and a wide range of working experiences team in different fields in both markets Australia and Vietnam. Through our cultural, linguistic knowledge, clear and very ambitious vision, we are building a solid bridge for the business relationship between Australia and Vietnam.


By a number of tools, methods such as a business trip, business matching, seminar, exhibitions along with vast business networks in both countries, and furthermore, via appropriate business strategies such as marketing, personnel strategies as well as import-export laws, etc. They will be fundamental keys to helping our customers reach their goals.


We strongly believe that we will meet any customer’s toughest requirements regarding deadline time, location, right partner and trust to build long term relationship. Additionally, to come Australia market, it means you will come to world-class quality products with cutting-edge technology and sustainability to come to Vietnam, it means you will come to booming market, one of the fastest growing market in Asia.